Bellemare Environnement: setting for an unusual work of art

Benjamin Von Wong is world-widely known for his hyper-realistic sculptures and photographs that ring the alarm bell on environmental issues.

His Last Project? 
A giant tap leaking plastic trash.

The Idea?
Install, 30 feet in the air, a giant faucet made from ventilation ducts in various significant places. From the tap opening flow plastic containers … several hundred containers…

The Concept? 
Staging the giant faucet in a variety of relevant locations: a landfill, a beach, a container yard and a recycling centre.

The Goal?
Remind private companies, governments and people that the plastic problem has only gotten worse during the pandemic.

A mutual contact and good friend put me in touch with Benjamin. He explained his project to me and I was quickly drawn in. He was looking for a landfill site to build his work and we have this,” relates Serge Bellemare, president of Groupe Bellemare.

It took almost a full day to complete the project at our facility. Then, almost five hours was necessary to assemble the giant faucet and two hours to take the perfect picture. The cloud cover was sublime during shooting; it gives the photos a dramatic effect.

Giant Plastic Tap Benjamin Von Won Bellemare Environnment

This is a crucial issue. We are proud to have contributed to the project, which aims to have a positive effect on the environment,” continued Mr. Bellemare.

This project will have an impact around the world. Benjamin even plans to set up his tap in Nairobi, Kenya, where the United Nations Environment Assembly is scheduled to debate and vote on an international treaty on plastics.


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