Our fleet of stone slingers allows us to provide a wide variety of services that meet all your project needs. We can spread a variety of materials including sand, rock, gravel and soil. Stone slingers are often used in projects done in areas with restricted access. Thanks to a variable speed conveyor system, materials can be slung up to 90 feet.

Our services are available by the hour or by the ton. Spreading with stone slingers is a safe method without no risk of damage to your yard. No heavy machinery is required.


  • Wide range: can sling materials up to 90 feet
  • Spread with precision
  • No loss of materials
  • No damage to your yard/plot
  • Quick placement
  • No risk of drains collapsing

Types of projects

  • Spreading for residential or commercial construction
  • French drain or weeping-tile backfill
  • Septic tank backfill
  • Pool backfill
  • Landscaping project
  • Formwork
  • Residential driveway or commercial parking lot
  • Sidewalk

Stone slinger rental

Bellemare makes its stone slingers available for renting.

  • Short or long-term rental
  • Equipment rental with or without an operator
  • Throughout Quebec
  • Fleet of recent-model vehicles
  • Two 12-wheel stone slingers
  • Three semi-trailer stone slingers
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