About Us

Groupe Bellemare is a 3rd generation family business that has been serving clients since 1959. Today, the company has more than 500 employees and provides them with an innovative work environment facilitating work-family balance and a healthy and safe quality of life. With over a half century of experience and its sustained R&D efforts, the Company offers high-quality products and services in areas as diverse as concrete, abrasives and minerals, dimensional load transportation, and recycling. Groupe Bellemare is also very involved in its industry and attaches great importance to its social and environmental role as a member of the business community. Groupe Bellemare makes a positive contribution to the quality of life of citizens in the communities it serves by supporting numerous social causes and promoting local purchasing through its responsible procurement practices.

Our Business Segments

Transport Bellemare International specializes in dimensional load transportation and material handling across North America. Bellemare Abrasives & Minerals manufactures and distributes a variety of products for sandblasting, waterjet cutting, filtration, etc. which are shipped worldwide. Bellemare Environnement provides a rental service of more than 360 containers. Its sorting plant recovers a variety of construction, renovation and demolition materials. Soil, sand and gravel are available from the Company’s sandpits and quarries. Bellemare Béton delivers concrete for all types of work, including roller-compacted concrete (durable industrial pavement), has several concrete block models and offers an aggregate spreading service with its stone slingers fleet.


Always available to inspire the best solutions.


A proud family, passionate and determined to demonstrate excellence each and every day.


  • Respect
    Treat each person in every department with consideration, recognition and respect.
  • Thoroughness
    Work with precision, accuracy, and determination to accomplish work of great quality.
  • Autonomy
    Allow ourselves the freedom to think, create, and communicate in order to make the best decisions for each of our roles and responsibilities.
  • Creativity
    Constantly innovate and seek out the best solutions. Accept the challenges of work and stand out as a leader.
  • Devotion
    Be generous, share knowledge and skills, and focus our efforts to realize the Vision.

Always your solution

This slogan complements the Company’s values and mission statement, and helps us stand out from the competition. Thanks to our creative and hard-working employees, Groupe Bellemare succeeds where previous companies have failed.


Longevity: Past, present and future presence of the company.


Client-focused: Consistently meeting the highest standards.


The key, the success, on which our company has built and continues to reinforce its reputation.