No matter the size of your project, Bellemare Concrete has a concrete mixer for you. Our experts will help you rent the right equipment.

How does a concrete mixer work?

Concrete is a unique building material with a multitude of applications. However, concrete that is not mixed or cured properly can lead to structural problems. This is why the use of a quality concrete mixer is paramount.

Using the rotating drum, the mixer homogeneously combines cement, water and aggregates, usually gravel. This mixture is then ready to be poured wherever it is needed; whether on construction sites or residential projects, for example.

Why rent a concrete mixer?

If you need a concrete mixer for a few one-time projects, renting is a cost-effective solution. In fact, it is a strategic choice for a short-term need or to meet the demands of a sudden increase in business opportunities. 

Renting also allows you to replace a concrete mixer that is in the shop for repairs. This will allow you to maintain your deadlines and avoid costly downtime. 

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Rent a mixer truck that fits your needs

Possibility of short or long term

Whatever your project, our rentals are flexible and can vary in length. Get quality work done without the pressure of having to return equipment quickly. In the case of very short jobs, you won’t be forced to rent the equipment longer than necessary. 

Late Model Fleet of Vehicles

Our rental concrete mixers are all efficient and in excellent condition. Our fleet includes 21 12-wheel concrete mixers and 6 3-axle semi-trailers. Contact us to find out which vehicle best suits your project.

How to calculate the amount of concrete needed?

Use our concrete calculator to find out how much concrete can be transported in the concrete mixer. 

It’s a simple calculation that will help you avoid waste!

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