Bellemare Béton specializes in ready-mix concrete and offers a variety of products and services. This includes delivery of conventional, specialized and roller-compacted concrete as well as bags of pre-mixed concrete, concrete mixer rental and related products. Our team’s R&D efforts saw the creation of an insertion grout which has become very popular for culvert-repair operations. We also offer a wide variety of concrete blocks for use in retaining walls and enclosures. The Company also offers an aggregate spreading service with stone slingers.

To better serve the Mauricie, Maskinongé and Bécancour regions, Groupe Bellemare has a concrete plant in each one of those regions. The addition of a portable concrete plant to our portfolio allows us to satisfy your needs in remote locations. This type of plant with its on-site constant high-quality procurement offers significant advantages for major projects. Proud of our fleet of 30 concrete mixers, we offer an unmatched service that has forged our reputation.

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Our three plants are certified compliant by the BNQ (Bureau de normalisation du Québec). Our Qualibéton certification ensures that our concrete satisfies all Canadian regulations.


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