2 designs available

Stone Terra

Stone Terra

Stone Urbain

More possibilities, less effort

Big enough for the most demanding jobs, but small enough to be handled using light equipment, Stone Urbain and Stone Terra blocks feature the best of both worlds! These trapezoid-shaped decorative blocks can be easily installed to form a curved line while interlocking with one another from the top or bottom. The trapezoidal shape makes them 25% lighter than other blocks, and they can be easily handled using lighter machinery.


  • Simple and easy installation
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Economical to transport
  • Maximize property space and use
  • Only requires light handling equipment
  • Create curved walls
  • Can install a fence behind the block face


  • Medium format (695 to 2,300 lb. Corner block is the heaviest)
  • Natural architectural finish
  • Interlocking from the top or the bottom
  • Equipped with a galvanized steel loop to facilitate transportation
  • Made from fresh vibrated concrete, no joints


  • 2 ft. height x 2 ft. width
  • 2 or 4 ft. long


  • Stream channelization
  • Stabilizing retainer walls for road networks
  • Retaining walls for landscaping projects
  • Commercial and residential developments
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