Durable Industrial pavement

Bellemare has developed expertise in the fabrication and placement of ultra-tough, economical roller-compacted concrete (RCC) pavement. Due to its exceptional properties and price-quality ratio, RCC is the surface coating of choice for many applications.



High density (± 2500 kg/m3)

High resistance in

     Flexion (6.5 to 8.5 MPa at 28 days)

     Compression (45 to 60 MPa at 28 days)


Pavement more rigid than asphalt

High shear strength – increased resistance to heavy-vehicle shifting

Stands up to concentrated loads and impact loads

High abrasion resistance – Stands up to repeated passage of steel buckets and pulls

No formwork or extension rods needed

Quick set-up

Simple and economical

LEED properties

Reduce heat-island effects

Potential for LEED credits



Workability of the product provides quick placement which minimizes business downtime. Our state-of-the-art PUGMILL Rapidmix 400 mobile plant manufactures the product directly on-site ensuring high quality and quick turnaround.


RCC placement is simple and requires little maintenance: it’s a good investment with an excellent price-performance ratio. No formwork or extension rods needed, further lowering placement costs.


RCC is a LEED product manufactured using recycled materials. Surface colour is lighter than asphalt which reflects light better and helps reduce heat-island effects.


  • Storage areas (distribution centers)
  • Traffic areas for heavy equipment
  • Handling areas
  • Parking lots
  • Loading / Unloading docks
  • Paths and roads
  • Farms (Silo-wheel, platforms, storage)
  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Mines
  • Industry
  • Military bases
  • Dams and dikes

Special projects

The ingenuity of our team as well as our experience in a wide range of projects allows us to adapt our factory to service your special projects:

  • Stabilization/Solidification of contaminated soil (metal)
  • Bentonite waterproofing of floors
  • Cement stabilized base
  • Economical pavements
  • Stabilization of contaminated sludge
  • Mineral processing
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