Bellemare offers transportation of bulk products throughout Québec, Ontario and the Maritimes. Efficient and versatile, our diversified range of semi-trailers adapts to the specific characteristics of your products.

Several pneumatic tank trucks are available to transport dry bulk materials: cement, sand, silica and any other compatible dry bulk material. Unloading is done with a pressurized bin and blower system.

The Company has a fleet of semi-trailers with conveyors (belts) and four-axle tipper trailers (dump) for wet bulk material: soil, sand, aggregates, grains and cereals, contaminated products and any other products that have to be transported under a waterproof cloth.

Reliability and flexibility are the main characteristics that set the Company apart. Maximizing volumes and charges while complying with safety standards is of the utmost importance to us. Continuing education for personnel in defensive driving techniques, hazardous material transportation and new technologies allows the Company to adapt to different realities of a wide variety of clients.

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