Bellemare Concrete offers a variety of decorative concrete blocks including Stone Terra and Stone Urbain blocks, as well as Structo concrete blocks which are used for retaining walls. In addition, we have many other products such as pyramidal columns and weighing scales. They are made from fresh concrete or recycled concrete depending on the model. 

Our concrete blocks are frequently used for residential or commercial retaining walls in landscaping.

Advantages of our concrete blocks for retaining walls

  • Quick and easy installation (blocks fit together)
  • Long life span
  • Easy handling with light equipment
  • Two choices of aesthetic designs for the decorative blocks (Stone Terra et Stone Urbain)
  • Economical transportation to your home (if accessible for a 4-axle truck)

Multiple applications

  • Retaining walls for landscaping
  • Material boxes
  • Foundations for domes or shelters
  • Delimiting a territory or blocking access
  • Temporary fill
  • Base for advertising panels
  • Channelization of streams
  • Stabilization wall for roadway
  • Dividing wall

Construction de courbes serrées

Choice of lengths for our concrete blocks 2×2

Our Structo, Stone Terra and Stone Urban concrete blocks have versatile dimensions that make them a must for your landscaping projects.

Stone Terra (& Stone Urbain)

  • 2′ high x 2′ wide
  • 2 or 4 feet long


  • 2′ high x 2′ wide
  • Available lengths of 2′, 4′, 6′ and 8′

Delivery of Concrete Blocks

You can choose between two delivery options:

  • Pick-up at our facilities
  • Home delivery

Bellemare Béton can take care of your concrete blocks transportation, but you must have the necessary unloading machinery.

Mur de soutènement

Our certifications

We hold a certificate of compliance from the BNQ for each of our two facilities. Our Qualibéton certification ensures that our concrete complies with Canadian regulations.


Why build retaining walls at your home?

Your neighbours and friends are building retaining walls, but you don’t know if you need them too? What are those concrete blocks stacked on top of each other really for?

The main benefits of residential retaining walls are: 

  • Prevent land/building slides (in summer and winter) when your home is located in a high-risk area or on land that is not perfectly flat
  • Increase the value of your property when selling
  • Give your landscaping a new look. Decorative blocks (Stone Terra/Stone Urbain) allow you to shape your outdoor space to your image. The contrast of a concrete structure and a natural landscape can work wonders!
  • Add more functional space to your yard by creating terraces with a sequence of retaining walls
  • Delineate and protect a gardening area
  • Prevent soil from eroding and spilling into your yard

If one or more of these retaining wall features seem to solve problems at your home, our concrete blocks are designed for you!

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  • All questions related to concrete blocks

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