It is with great pride that we have deployed a recycling bin that will allow people to drop off several types of non-returnable, single-use, curbside collected, transparent or coloured glass containers, which will be directly sent back into circular economy. This bin is installed in a Société immobilière Duguay parking lot, near SAQ Dépôt, on […]

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    Conteneur de verre
  • Bellemare Environnement: setting for an unusual work of art

    Benjamin Von Wong is world-widely known for his hyper-realistic sculptures and photographs that ring the alarm bell on environmental issues. His Last Project?  A giant tap leaking plastic trash. The Idea? Install, 30 feet in the air, a giant faucet made from ventilation ducts in various significant places. From the tap opening flow plastic containers […]

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    Robinet géant plastique benjamin von won
  • Bellemare Environnement receives RECYC-QUÉBEC Silver certification as part of the CRD Sorting Center Recognition Program.

    Quebec has nearly sixty facilities that sort residual materials from the construction, renovation and demolition (CRD) industry. Until now, there was no way for an external stakeholder to know if a CRD sorting facility was providing real sorting, recycling or recovery efforts, compared to other facilities possibly providing less service and not always following best […]

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