At Bellemare, as for the planet, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly proclaims 2022, “Year of Glass”.

The resolution entitled “International Year of Glass, 2022” presented by Spain emphasizes the ecological value of glass and its vocation to replace packaging plastics. The resolution also highlights its architectural and technological virtues and underlines that glass can be recycled endlessly. It calls the current period the “glass age” with its many modern applications, such as in fibre-optic cables, laboratory equipment manufacturing and in the photovoltaic energy sector.

In the wake of this exceptional year, Groupe Bellemare continues to develop its business, particularly around glass recovery, recycling and upcycling. In a few months, Quebec’s government will deploy its plan to expand the deposit system, more precisely for glass containers. Groupe Bellemare is currently positioning itself to become a leader in the glass recycling industry. The company is targeting the remelting, sandblasting, filtration, cement additives and cellular glass markets.

Conteneur pour la récupération du verre

There is a broad social consensus for the “going glass” shift. To reach the 75% recovery target, Groupe Bellemare can count on a solid team of professionals who are committed to research and development to ensure that the company maintains its role as an industry leader.

For decades, Groupe Bellemare has been developing visionary processes that now allow us to recover almost all of the resources that arrive daily at our Trois-Rivières facilities. Soon, millions of glass containers of all kinds will be recycled and processed in our modern plant using optical sorting equipment.

Groupe Bellemare’s President, Serge Bellemare, recently stated that “the company intends to recover and recycle 50% of Quebec’s glass, which will make the Mauricie and central Quebec region one of the industry’s hubs in Canada.” For the past few months, we have been working hard, along with several collaborators, including Enercycle, to demonstrate that it is possible to achieve our objectives in the near future. This valuable partnership, including regional municipalities, already allows us to foresee that the operation will create jobs and be environmentally beneficial in the very short term.

The Year of Glass is an opportunity to get on board this moving train and carry out a real revolution in planetary ecology.

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