Trois-Rivières: a new collection point for glass recovery

A new container for glass recovery is now available to everyone at our head office at 8750, boulevard Industriel in Trois-Rivières. The population is invited to drop off non-refundable bottles and containers in clear and colored glass.

A second life

The glass collected in this container will be 100% recycled by Bellemare Abrasives & Minerals to give it a second life; It will be used for sandblasting, pool filtration or as an esthetic ground cover for plant beds and trails.

Accepted or not?

Glass bottles and food containers, transparent or colored, are accepted.  We invite the population to return the refundable bottles and containers to retailers.

Are refused:
* Tableware
* Porcelain
* Pyrex
* Light bulb
* Mirror
* Window
* Potery
Before placing them inside the container, we ask you to empty and rinse the glass bottles and food containers and remove the caps and lids.

More containers will soon be installed in various locations in the city of Trois-Rivières.  Follow our social media to find out more!
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