Bellemare Environnement receives RECYC-QUÉBEC Silver certification as part of the CRD Sorting Center Recognition Program.

Quebec has nearly sixty facilities that sort residual materials from the construction, renovation and demolition (CRD) industry. Until now, there was no way for an external stakeholder to know if a CRD sorting facility was providing real sorting, recycling or recovery efforts, compared to other facilities possibly providing less service and not always following best practices.

Over the past year, RECYC-QUÉBEC has therefore introduced a recognition program aimed at highlighting facilities that achieve good results in the sorting and recovery of residual materials. “This program fills the need to highlight and recognize facilities that have good practices. This recognition aims to facilitate decision-making for contract givers, suggesting respect of certain requirements in a call for tenders.” 

Convinced that our level of effort is among the best in Quebec, we submitted our application to the program earlier this year. Following the analysis of our application and an audit of the past year’s activities, we obtained the Silver-Level recognition earlier this summer. 

We are proud to have obtained this certification! It reflects our will to always do better. Yearly, we receive thousands of tons of CRD materials and putting them back on the market as an ecological alternative is one of our main rationales,” says Pierre-Alexandre Grenier, Director of Environmental Operations.

In addition to our Silver-Level recognition, we received a special mention “for initiatives to reuse certain materials (metals) for projects in other divisions of the company.” According to the analysis of our file, our recycling and recovery rate is 64%. This is the best rate among all the sorting centres that applied.

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