RCC paving, for an innovative and sustainable industrial boulevard

The city of Châteauguay recently took the initiative to use roller-compacted concrete (RCC) for the redesign of its industrial boulevard, its largest construction site and investment for the current year. RCC pavement is an excellent choice in an industrial environment since it offers several benefits over asphalt, as up to twice the service life, excellent resistance to abrasion, high temperature and rutting. Because it can withstand repeated and concentrated heavy loads without sagging, it is the ideal roadway for this industrial boulevard, which is the city’s first gateway form Highway 30 and the access road to the industrial park businesses.

The Mayor of Châteauguay, Mr. Pierre-Paul Routhier, is proud of this project and the impact it will have on the City’s industrial park.  Indeed, the use of the RCC pavement will guarantee a welcoming boulevard with high quality for several years to come.

As a supplier of RCC Paving, Groupe Bellemare is proud to add significant value to this project and is delighted by this decisive innovation from the city of Châteauguay.

Complete article (French): https://www.ville.chateauguay.qc.ca/node/16566

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