Heavy handling and industrial lifting: tips for safe and efficient work

Does your plant, worksite or warehouse manufacture or use extremely heavy equipment? Do you have to move one of these loads from point A to point B? Heavy Haul and Rigging of such parts require special expertise to work safely and efficiently. 

At Groupe Bellemare, our team of experts has been working on large-scale heavy handling projects for many years (up to 5,000 tons!). We constantly receive the latest training and our equipment is state-of-the-art. 

Here is a reminder of what heavy handling is, the main sectors served, the equipment used, the importance of safety at work and criteria to consider when choosing the best industrial heavy handling company.

What is heavy handling?

Heavy handling involves lifting, placing, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving a load. It can take place on a construction site, in a plant, in a port and many other places where heavy equipment is used. Because the parts being moved are massive and often very expensive, the work must be done safely. 

It can be a complex task that requires moving a load in an unorthodox manner. In cases where the heavy load is difficult to access or if it must be moved in a unique way, our specialists are responsible to develop a handling strategy and to choose the necessary equipment (cranes, mechanical arms, hydraulic cylinders, forklifts and more).

Industrial lifting vs. hydraulic sliding

When talking about lifting in a heavy industrial handling context, we are referring to the act of lifting an object (often to move it or to perform maintenance).

Hydraulic sliding, on the other hand, is the act of moving heavy loads without having to lift them. This technique offers benefits such as low risk and lower costs.

You need heavy transport in addition to handling?

If your loads must be moved over long distances by road, our heavy and ultra-heavy hauling service is the right solution for you!

What is the benefit of hiring industrial handling experts?

Here are the main benefits offered by our heavy load handling company:

  • Efficient and carefully planned work minimizes operational downtime.
  • Safe handling by experts can significantly reduce the risk of injury.
  • Lifting or sliding of fragile or expensive loads should be done by experts to avoid breakage and additional expenses.
  • Industrial material handling experts are able to find solutions to problems you thought were impossible to solve.
  • The best equipment available on the market will be used depending on your situation.

Which sectors are using industrial handling?

Several sectors and industries use the services of our heavy handling experts to move their parts and equipment. Here are some of the many sectors we serve, but you should know that many other fields of activity may require industrial handling services.

Wind Power

Transportation of a windmill components

Wind power is very popular in Eastern Canada and many large parts must be moved and assembled to operate the towers. Lifting and sliding of heavy parts frequently occurs on unloading docks, during transport and when maneuvering in rail yards.

Groupe Bellemare has been a leader in the wind power industry since its inception in Canada. Our experience has allowed us to develop fast, efficient and safe processes.

Manufacturing Plants

SPMT into a facilitie

We’re talking about automotive, medical, agricultural and other types of equipment manufacturing. These parts are not always the heaviest, but they are often difficult to maneuver because of their complexity or fragility. 

Groupe Bellemare has diversified experience in many areas of manufacturing. This allows us to complete your projects quickly, accurately and safely.

Shipyards and Ports

Heavy Haul of a huge part in a port

Industrial handling experts and their specialized equipment can assist in both shipbuilding and heavy cargo handling. 

Groupe Bellemare’s experts have contributed to the construction of barges and ships across Canada.

Civil Engineering and Construction

Transportation of a bridge components

Not surprisingly, the construction industry is a major player in heavy material handling. Groupe Bellemare frequently works on moving parts used in the construction of bridges and tunnels. In this wide-ranging field with many specializations, imagination is the only limit to what can be accomplished!

Mining Operations

Heavy Hauling of a huge mining part

Mining sites are often located in remote areas, sometimes difficult to access. This issue, combined with the use of heavy equipment, is an ideal situation for industrial handling.

Many satisfied customers in the mining sector use our complete fleet of equipment for their projects.

Hydropower Sector

Transport of a hydroelectric part

Groupe Bellemare works with the largest players in the industry in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. We mainly contribute to the installation of massive parts, such as rotors, stators, transformers and turbines.

Refineries and Petrochemicals

Transportation of a reservoir

This sector is particularly present in Eastern Canada, but Groupe Bellemare is involved in projects across the country. Our clients need experts in heavy material handling, whether it’s for an expansion, a closure or a relocation.

How to choose a heavy industrial handling company?

Once you have identified your industrial handling needs, you need to choose a company you can trust.

There are several factors to consider when making the best choice. Do a quick search on the following topics based on companies that interest you. 

Safety and Training

Equipment and personnel safety is at the heart of material handling projects. Make sure the company has a near-perfect track record - there can always be isolated accidents, that’s part of the risk of the business - in terms of accidents, equipment breakdowns, delays or other.

Generally, the training and certifications obtained by the company and its employees are visible directly on the company’s website. 

At Groupe Bellemare, all our employees receive in-house training as well as training from the manufacturer Goldhofer.


Ask the company what type of equipment they have available. Is the inventory large? Is it adapted to your needs? Don’t hesitate to ask the experts.

At Groupe Bellemare, we have the equipment to bring all your industrial handling projects to a successful conclusion.

Achievements and Testimonials

Check out the company’s achievements. Are there any in your industry? This could be a determining factor.

Search for testimonials from customers who have worked with the company in the past. Were they satisfied with their experience?

You have specific questions?

If you have any further questions about industrial handling after reading this, do not hesitate to contact one of our experts on the subject!

It is important to be well informed and well prepared before embarking on such a project, as many important issues are affected. Among others, the safety of your personnel, the condition of the parts to be moved and the performance of your activities.

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