Transport of wind turbine blades in Gaspé

Since November 2016, a team has been dedicated to the transport of wind turbine blades in Gaspé.

Jean-François Cloutier — Truck driver
Marc Dumaresq — Truck Driver
Bruno Leblanc — Truck Driver
Omer Clavet — Pilot car
Marc Langlois – Mechanic – Pilot car
Michel Lapierre — Pilot car
Bruno Mathurin — Truck Driver – Pilot car
Régis Lefrançois — ExclusiveBroker
Yves Bérubé — Exclusive Broker
Romain Bélanger — Exclusive Broker
Marco English — Supervisor

Each trip, consisting of a police escort, two pilot car and a steer man, travels a distance of 255 km to deliver the blades from LM Wind Power in Gaspé to Fabrication Delta in New Richmond.  At this point, the blades are loaded onto a train that can hold 48 blades (2 km) and sent to Texas.

Blades delivered

2016 => 36 blades (8 460 km)
2017 => 819 blades (192 465 km)
2018 => 1 123 blades (263 905 km)

In total, it’s more than 11 times around the globe!

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