One of the most valuable fleet in North America for the transport of wind turbines components.

Through management vision and by partnering with proactive companies, Transport Bellemare International has garnered deep experience in wind-power transportation over the last 14-years. We’ve become the go-to company for wind-power transportation services across Canada and the United States.

With over fifty specialized and highly-efficient semi-trailers used for wind power transportation, the Company can complete multiple client requests at the same time. And with over one hundred completed wind power projects, Transport Bellemare International has, without a doubt, the expertise to successfully carry out future projects.

Constantly seeking performance, our team pursues its mission of excellence by always being on the lookout for new wind and energy technologies. Our professionals are highly trained. They thrive on new challenges and are ready to take wind-power transportation to the next level. This has allowed Transport Bellemare International to take this market to new height and to benefit from the latest innovations.

For efficient transportation, and results that meet your expectations and ambitions, you can trust the proud and passionate team at Transport Bellemare International.


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