Since 1959


The Thomas Bellemare company as we know it now was incorporated in 1959.

Well before 1959, Thomas Bellemare managed his father Nérée’s successful family business in Yamachiche. In 1959, four of the children were handed the reigns from their father and began to guide the company into the future. The four brothers, Gilles, Luc, Raymond and Maurice, would go on to found Thomas Bellemare and Sons Ltd.

At the time, they moved buildings, built houses and made their own concrete with a small mixer, yes that’s right, with a small mixer! They removed snow from roads in winter and did various work for the municipality, government and in agriculture. There is no doubt that these men were VERY hard workers.

M. Thomas Bellemare
  • 1959

    The Thomas Bellemare company we know today was originally incorporated in 1959.

    The company builds a new and publicly-accessible garage under the B/A name.

    The company becomes a certified John Deere agricultural machinery dealer.

  • 1966

    As a loyal client of Louisville's Ciments Maski, they decide to buy the company. As concrete work begins to take up most of their time and effort, they see no option but to change their initial vocation. Agricultural machinery, home transportation and construction is left behind. Due to the seasonal nature of concrete manufacturing work, the company decides to focus on snow clearing. Snow clearing has, after all, been a substantial part of the business from the very beginning.

    Armand Roy, father of Jean-Guy and Trois-Rivières-Ouest municipal councillor, witnesses the rise of the Bellemare brother and soon offers them the city's snow clearing contract. The brothers accept in 1959. Twenty-odd years of snow clearing for Trois-Rivières-Ouest follows, garnering considerable approval from the city's inhabitant. Alternating contractors have since been hired. During the same period in 1959, the company receives the excavation contract for the Trois-Rivières-Ouest shopping centre. They go on to clear the shopping centre's snow for the next 3 years.

  • 1972

    With their sights set on Trois-Rivières, the company builds the Trois-Rivières-Ouest industrial district's concrete plan in what had until then been an entirely rural area. There were no buildings, no La détente tavern, no Honda or Toyota dealer, no Baptiste touche à tout, no arena, no carwash, no boulevard des Récollets, no 55, no 40, no Trois-Rivières municipal garage and no co-ops. In short, there were nothing but trees. Even the Trois-Rivières-Ouest industrial district hadn't been built yet.

  • 1976

    With the Louisville plan becoming rapidly out-of-date, the company sets out to build a new one. It's the very same plan that stands there today.

  • 1982

    Bulk concrete transportation takes on substantial proportions. Let's not forget that everything had been carefully planned.

  • 1984

    With plenty of room in Québec for another crane company, the Bellemare brother conduct a market research into the idea, convinced that success would crown their efforts. Once again, the company awakes to a new dawn. Indeed, Thomas Bellemare continues to leave his mark on everything from the lowest foundation to the tallest bell tower.

    If you were to take a drive through the heart of Québec with a few of the company's representatives, you would be surprised to discover the sheer number of places that continue to stand thanks to the Bellemare name.

  • 1986

    With Noël St-Louis, we were the first to settle in the Bécancour industrial district. Henri Paquette and Constructeur St-Maurice soon joined in. The Place de Centre was completed by Thomas Bellemare under winter-time conditions. With Ovide Demontigny, the Jean Fréchette garage was completed on a 23rd of December in -30 degree weather. Consider the list: The aréna de poche, repairs on the Colisé, the Trois-Rivières library, the Canadian Tire store, the Coopérative, the coloured sidewalks, special excavations, special arrangements, the early use of silica fumes, concrete deliveries made by mixer aboard a tow-barge on Lac St-Pierre, stones installed in the St. Lawrence River by hydraulic shovel, concrete brought by helicopter, loading boats, the Trois-Rivières-Ouest arena, viaducts, sewers, roads and bridges. Nothing got away from us, with the exception of the Trois-Rivières municipal garage and the concrete barge at the Trois-Rivières pier.

  • 1993

    It was a joyous occasion when the time finally came to usher in the third generation of family owners. Jean-Luc Bellemare was the first to start a career in the field of transportation, followed by Serge Bellemare, who opted for the Landfills, Abrasives and Minerals Division, yet another company division that has become a company asset through its success.

  • 1997

    The family was saddened by the untimely death of Raymond Bellemare in 1997 at the age of 58. With his passing brought changes in company management. Two shareholders, Jean-Luc and Serge, banked on a solid foundation to expand company operations. Transport, concrete, heavy machinery, engineering and cranes are just some of the activities that became part of everyday operations.

  • 1999

    It was Tom Bellemare who took charge of the concrete division, and who would soon add cranes, engineering and excavation to his responsibilities.

  • 2006

    In 2006, the company purchased the assets of Béton Maskimo in Trois-Rivières and Bécancour, and the name Thomas Bellemare found a place in the history books. During the same year, Groupe Bellemare won the Radisson Prize, in the Business Services category, bestowed by the Trois-Rivières Chamber of Commerce and Industry at its 125th anniversary gala.

  • 2008

    Despite the fact that the Louiseville concrete plant was destroyed by fire in 2008, a sad event that demonstrated the strength and perseverance of employees, expansion continued with the acquisition of Transport SRS and Transport Maltais, giving the company coverage throughout the province of Quebec.

  • 2009

    2009 was sadly marked by the death of Gilles Bellemare at the age of 73, a founding member of the family business to who we owe an enormous debt of gratitude.

    A few months later, the Louiseville concrete plant was revitalized under the name Béton Bellemare, a milestone that reflects the perseverance of company leaders. In addition, during the Sommets Desjardins, Groupe Bellemare received prizes for “Longevity” “Company of the Year” and “Builder Award." A resounding affirmation of the company’s success!

  • 2011

    In 2011, the management of Groupe Bellemare proudly announced the purchase of the facilities and land of the Manac plant in Trois-Rivières. Groupe Bellemare intends to strengthen and consolidate its activities in the region by bringing together the various administrative, operation and maintenance activities of its fleet in one location.

  • 2012

    With over 600 employees, our team is proud to display all that has been built, fought for and won over the past decades.