Our ready-to-use variety of concrete includes, but is not limited to, high-performance, fibre-reinforced, coloured, self-placing, anti-leaching, shotcrete, low-shrinkage, rapid and MTQ-type concretes. All our concrete types are manufactured using high-quality raw materials and meet the highest standards in the industry.

MTQ-type concrete

This concrete satisfies all requirements listed in the Cahier des charges et devis généraux (CCDG) of the Quebec Department of Transportation (MTQ).

High performance concrete (HPC)

Including silica fumes and superplasticizers in its composition, high-performance concrete is characterized by a compression strength greater than 50 MPa. It has a greater sustainability and outstanding properties such as low porosity, excellent resistance to aggressive agents and to freeze-thaw cycles, and has great working characteristics, lower deformation under load and great compression/traction strength. More compact, this is the ideal product for structures subjected to high mechanical loads, such as bridges, tanks, tall buildings, etc.

Fibre-reinforced concrete

Easy to use, this type of concrete has good ductility makes it highly resistant to bending, traction and impact. The addition of fibres provides better control of cracking. Micro and macro fibres are available to replace mesh which saves time and money on site. Fibrous concrete is recommended for sidewalks, garage floors, decks, slabs, etc. or as a repair concrete.

Coloured concrete

Colour pigments can be added to the product to change its appearance according to your needs. This product can be used indoor and outdoor walls, floors, panels, etc. Several available colours: www.interstar.ca

Self-placing concrete – Self-leveling concrete

This type of concrete, also called self-compacting concrete, is in a class of its own with significant fluidity due to the presence of different superplasticizer adjuvants. This product does not require any vibration and can be used in highly complex areas. But it also has excellent compressive strength. Ideal for large surfaces with thin layers of concrete, such as for levelling an existing slab.

Anti-leaching concrete

This type of concrete is mainly used for underwater projects such as bridge pillars. Special adjuvants protect its physical properties and prevent disintegration in water.


This type of concrete can be mixed and then jet-sprayed in successive thin layers. Very useful for unconventional work (domes, shell structures, …), for construction and repairs (viaducts, bridges, storage silos, docks, hydroelectric dams, …) or for certain types of underground work (tunnels) since it does not need any casing. Placement is fast, but requires heavy machinery.

Rapid concrete

Ideal for urgent jobs, this concrete has a quick setting time and achieves specified strength 12 hours after placement.

Low-shrinkage concrete

This compensated shrinkage concrete aims to minimize cracking during the curing period by using a reduced shrinkage chemical agent. It is often used indoor and outdoor, to create roadways, parking lots, warehouse floors, etc.

Custom-made concrete for special projects

All our concrete projects can be adapted to your needs in terms of entrained air, fluidity, setting time and strength. Our experts can control adjuvant quantities to comply with your specifications and provide the best possible results.

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