Recycled glass grit for the filtration of your pool

If you own a swimming pool, it is in the coming weeks (or even the next few days) that you will open if for summer.

Have you ever thought of replacing the sand in your filter with recycled glass grit?

This filtration medium is gaining more and more in popularity due to the fact that it will make your water clearer and purer, has a virtually endless lifespan and allows a significant reduction in the number of backwash and their duration.

Bellemare filtration glass grit is made of 100% recycled, crushed, polished and sieved glass.  It is ideal for both salt and chlorine systems.  It maximizes filtration efficiency and retains particles 4 times smaller than some conventional media. The round shape of grains significantly reduces the proliferation of bacteria, resulting in reduced consumption of chlorine.  In addition, the glass is safe to handle and does not cause any risk of damage to your filtration equipment.

You can find the Bellemare filtration glass grit in a swimming pool store near you. 

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