Supported by a team that is dedicated to the success of every project in its portfolio, Groupe Bellemare provides logistics including planning, coordination and management every step of the way:

  • Cost estimate
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Planning service
  • Project management
  • Design and manufacturing of custom-built equipment
  • Heavy-load handling (loading and unloading).

For instance, if your challenging project includes multiple transportation modes (truck, boat, train, barge and/or plane), we’re equipped to plan and execute that project.

This turnkey service reduces cost, speeds delivery time and provides peace of mind.


We have a team of professional engineers that specializes in executing complex, material-handling projects. It’s a busy team, but one that always has time for smaller-scale projects.

This department often gets involved before a project even launches. Engineers visit the worksite to scope it out, take pictures and to take in all relevant details and constraints.

There’s a significant added value in engaging this team because it’s on top of the latest technologies, and can engineer attractive solutions.

Jack and slide

Among our services, we offer jacking and sliding of heavy loads. This is very different from heavy-load handling. While material handling involves movement over a long distance using multi-line devices, slide is useful at locations where there is limited outdoor access or inside buildings. Sliding is generally used to bring a load to its final destination or to a more accessible area where material handling equipment can take over.


Planning for ultimate effectiveness is one of Bellemare’s strengths.  On project, big and small, loading and unloading can be very critical and expensive tasks.  To save time and money, Bellemare often use steel beams and steel or concrete supports to temporarily support parts that will be moved later.  With this simple solution, no crane is required and equipment can be demobilized until needed.


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