Planetary trucks

These trucks, marshalled at the head of non-driven multi-line trailers, have impressive load capacity. Their axles, sturdiness and reliability make them the ideal type of truck to handle heavy loads.


Modular transporters

CONVENTIONAL – This type of trailer requires a planetary truck. Commonly referred to as a “pull type”, it’s useful in long-distance heavy-load transport. Like all modular transporter trailers, this one can be coupled lengthwise or side by side.

Load capacity: 35 tons per axle

MECHANICALLY-STEERED – This type of trailer does not require the use of a planetary truck because it’s managed by a front-line control unit operated by a technician. It moves like a car, turns left and right, and can make a 90-degree turn. Like conventional modular transporters, it can be coupled to other trailers at time of transportation.

Load capacity: 45 tons per axle

ELECTRONICALLY-STEERED – This trailer is the most versatile of all. Like the mechanically-steered version, it’s self-propelled and operated by a technician at a control unit. It has a greater range of movement: it can move from front to back, from left to right, and even rotate 360 degrees. Modular Transporter trailers with electronic steering provide greater flexibility for material-handling and movement: they don’t have to be physically coupled to other trailers because they synchronize movements over Wi-Fi connections.

Load capacity: 45 tons per axle


Jack and slide system

We have multiple types of jack and slide equipment allowing us to work on projects of varied sizes. Because these portable systems are easy to move, we’re able to slide heavy loads from one piece of equipment to another, and from one place to another, both inside and outdoors. Also, sliding manoeuvers can be done within restricted spaces that other types of equipment may not be able to access

Load capacity: 400 tons



Transporting heavy components to areas where the infrastructure is aging can be a daunting task.  In order to plan safe transport operation, Bellemare Manutention has in its catalog a variety of ramps of different lengths and capacities that can be used to “jump” existing bridges and structures.  This provides an economical solution that allows the Quebec Department of transportation to issue a permit knowing that their infrastructure is safe.

Mobile weighing system

Our fleet of equipment includes a mobile weighing system that can weigh loads up to 1,000 tons, with an error margin of ±0,01%. Available at most of our worksites, this weighing system brings great accuracy and guidance in the selection of equipment to be used.


Customized equipment 

We can custom-design equipment to ensure successful execution of your project. Our engineering team partners with you to develop the equipment that will allow you to execute your project according to your requirements, timeline and budget.

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