Bellemare Abrasives & Minerals specializes in the transformation, distribution and sale of a wide variety of mineral products for industrial, commercial and residential use. Sandblasting, waterjet cutting, filtration, grouting and foundry are the main uses for our products. Several specialized, high-performance products are also offered to meet all customer needs.

Company versatility allows us to meet a wide range of requests from the abrasives sector. Our technology allows us to develop highly-specialized products to answer the growing needs of a dynamic industry. The products that are processed and sold by Bellemare Abrasives & Minerals include Bellemare PRO-Grit (iron silicate), natural sand, Bellemare ECO-Grit (recycled glass), Primeblast (specular hematite), sand-cement products, pre-mixed concrete as well as Nordic slip-resistance and de-icing products.

Bellemare now occupies a choice position in the North American abrasives and minerals market. The entire product line is available in the North Eastern United-States, South America and Europe as well as Quebec, the Maritime provinces and Ontario. The Company is committed to constant innovation, to creating revolutionary new methods of transformation, and to supplying quality products to its growing customer base.

Bellemare Abrasives & Minerals stands out for:

  • Unmatched product quality
  • Transport and warehousing solutions
  • Competitive prices
  • Personalized customer service
  • Innovative facilities


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