FAQ - Container Rental

  • How far in advance should I order my container?

    You must contact us at least 24 to 48 hours before the moment you wish to receive your container and take holidays into account.

    If last-minute changes occur, call us as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary charges.

  • How long can I keep my container?

    You can keep the 10-yard container 10 days and all other container for 7 days. However, you must contact us to schedule the pickup, it is not done automatically. For additional fee, you can keep your container for a longer period.

  • Is it necessary for me to be present when the driver delivers the container?

    Preferably yes. You can tell the driver where you want the container to be dropped and be present when the driver sees the condition of the surrounding area. Although photos are taken at each delivery, the presence of the customer is always desirable.

  • What happens if the driver can not drop the container for delivery or have access to the container for removal?

    If the container can not be drop or picked up at the agreed time, you will be charge for travel and you will need to contact us to schedule a new pick-up time.

  • What should I do if I need a larger container?

    Following the advice of our leasing expert, this kind of situation should not occur. However, if you need a larger container, we can deliver it to you. This entails additional costs.

  • Are there things to consider when deciding where to place the container?

    All of our container sizes have a rear access door that requires 8’ circular clearance. If you want to have easy access to the door, you need to plan this distance into your environment.

    You must also foresee appropriate space for the truck to unload the container. During the operation, the container rises up to 18’ and 70’ total is required to allow the truck to properly unload or load the container.

    The container must remain where it was delivered, you must not move it by yourself. If necessary, contact us and we will come and move it. Considering the weight of the container, you will avoid damaging your environment.

    During winter season, make sure your container is accessible at all times.

  • Can a container damage my driveway?

    It is possible yes. If your driveway is paved, made of concrete or asphalt, it is important that you inform us, we will take the necessary measures to protect it.

  • What does the rental price include?

    The container for a period of 7 or 10 days depending on the size of the container, the mileage for a round trip and the disposal of your waste.

  • When returning my container, can the invoice be higher than expected?

    Yes. Each container size includes a tonnage. If you exceed this tonnage, you will be charged for excess weight.

    Also, you have to put only building and renovation materials. Other materials that are not allowed to the sorting center will have to be send to the RGMR and a fee will be charged depending on the type of waste.

    Additional charges may apply if you damage the container.

  • What are my payment options?

    Credit card, check or cash. We also accept bank transfers.

  • Which materials are accepted at the sorting center?

    Brick, wood, concrete, shingles, asphalt, glass, plastics, metals and drywall.

  • Which materials are not accepted at the sorting center and at the landfill site?

    Domestic waste including food, asbestos, chemical products, ammunition, explosives and firearms, hazardous domestic waste, tires, animal remains, medicines, syringes, biomedical waste and padding (sofa, chair, mattress).

  • Is there a maximum weight limit for containers?

    12.5 tons

**For your safety and the safety of all, it is important to respect the loading limit height. If your container is overloaded, we will not be able to move it and there will be extra fees.