Filtration sand or glass: which one to choose?

You’ve been using sand in your pool filter for years, but you’re wondering about filtration glass? More and more people are turning to glass as a replacement for sand, but does it meet your needs? Choosing between these two filtration media may seem difficult, but our experts have looked into the subject to help you make an informed decision! 

Please note that it is perfectly possible to use filtration glass in a sand filter. You won’t have to change your equipment if you switch from sand to glass.

Find out which filtration medium gets the edge based on the main selection criteria.

Cleaning Ability

Filtration glass retains 4 times smaller particles than some traditional sand filtration media. This allows, among other things, to obtain a much clearer and crystalline water. It is easily visible to the naked eye. 

Glass is also known for its ability to reduce bacterial growth in water and in the filter. 

Advantage: glass

Environmental Responsibility

If reducing your environmental footprint is an important issue for you, glass has several advantages. First of all, the product itself is made of 100% recycled glass! 

Secondly, since glass greatly diminishes bacterial growth in the pool, the use of chlorine can be greatly reduced.

Finally, backwash is much faster with the use of filtration glass. Each backwash uses about 25% less water thanks to glass properties. 

Advantage: glass


In general, filtration sand is less expensive than glass. However, since glass is more efficient, it is possible to get a better result without filling the filter to its maximum capacity, thus saving money. 

Nevertheless, sand remains the most accessible and affordable product in the short term.

Advantage: sand

Service Life

Filtration sand should be replaced every 3 to 5 years, depending on water and debris load passing through the filter.

Glass lasts about 2 to 3 times longer than sand, about 10 to 15 years. 

Advantage: glass

Product Safety

Both sand and glass are safe for you and your pool. They do not react to cleaning chemicals.

It is important to note that glass is very safe to handle and does not present any risk of injury or damage to your equipment (filter and pool). 

Advantage: tie


If you plan to enjoy your pool for more than 5 years, glass is a better investment, despite the slight price difference. Its service life, eco-friendliness and ability to obtain a crystal-clear water make it the best choice in this case. 

However, if you are looking for an economical short-term solution, filtration sand can very well do the job. 

Get quality products

No matter what type of filtration medium you choose, it is essential for the filter to continue to clean the pool water properly, as many contaminants can get into it. If you wait too long between changes or if the media is poorly maintained, the filter can get clogged or fail to function properly, leaving your pool vulnerable to cloudy water, imbalances or poor circulation. For more details on this topic, here’s when and why to change your pool’s filtration medium.

Now that you’ve made your choice, all you have to do is get the best product on the market! At Groupe Bellemare, we produce sand and glass for pool filters that respect the environment while being super efficient

If you have any other questions about filtration media, contact one of our experts!

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