Since 1959



Groupe Thomas Bellemare Ltd. presents its crane division. We offer rental of cranes, telescopic cranes and truck cranes. 

In 1986 Raymond and Gilles Bellemare founded the Bellemare Crane Division with the help of Renaud Côté, who over his years had acquired considerable expertise as an employee at Québec Grue. Over the years, the division has seen increased expansion. A 170-ton telescopic crane was added to the fleet in 2012, further diversifying the possibilities available to our clients. 

The quality of our services and proven experience is reputed across the province. 

Whether it is for specific project components or turnkey projects, with several truck-mounted and telescopic cranes and accessories/equipment, we can meet all your needs anywhere in Quebec! The machinery can be rented, or can also be rented and operated by one of our operators, according to your needs.