Since 1959



Groupe Bellemare offers a rental service and transport logistics with 300 containers of all sizes. We also have mini-containers and portable warehouses available for all your needs.

We also provide compartmentalized containers specifically designed for the project that complies with “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Desing" (LEED). We have an assessment of construction waste system for all your kinds of debris.

Bellemare group has all the necessary facilities and infrastructure for a complete professional service!

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Service offered:

  • Container rental 10, 12, 25 and 40 cubic yards;
  • Trucks Roll-off 10 and 12 wheels;
  • Rental of mobile warehouses for your short and long term projects;
  • Safe Alternative for your construction sites.    

Our advantages:

  • Reliable service, prompt, courteous and professional staff
  • round the clock, 7 days a week;
  • Competitive Rates
  • Qualified and experienced drivers
  • Wide range of available containers in several Sizes
  • very fast turnaround times for installation and recovery of containers
  • flexible rental period (short, medium or long term)

Moreover, by leasing your container with Groupe Bellemare, you have the assurance that your waste will be delivered directly to our recycling center and that the maximum quantity of material will be recycled and revalued.